Artist Statement

In my paintings, transparency flows through the drapery symbolizing the mystery and simplicity inherent in every woman- exuding elusion, revealing lot more than meets the eye. With works focused on figures and portraits, commenting on both the realms of the body and its façade, my work aims to depict the female persona acting as a bridge between the inner and outer worlds.


My art is a captivating journey of layers of color and detailing that unfold the beauty of the subject. Through meticulous layering, I craft each piece with precision. The black canvas on which I delicately paint the ethereal beauty of fabric, invokes a mesmerizing interplay of the high contrast of light and shadows. The intricate silhouettes, capture the essence of a female’s body language and the unspoken emotions and personality held within a posture. In each stroke, I delve into the nuances of attires, weaving a tapestry of details that speaks volumes about the subject. By adding just a few lines to give a suggestion of the face and body parts, the painting whispers an untold story and infuses the painting with an enigmatic depth, encouraging observers to unravel the mysteries concealed within each stroke.

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